Like & Dislike Functions

Each track featured in the “Now Playing” list and the general playlist has its own “Like” and “Dislike” buttons. With these functions listeners can decide which songs they like and which ones they don’t. Based on this information the On Air Social Suite automatically adapts the rotation of the song and generates the Top 10 most “liked” songs.

Social Functions

Listeners can share all tracks with their friends and communities on Facebook. It is also possible to view songs video clip on YouTube and Twitter.


Request Songs

There is a “song request” function. A listener can request a song and it’s inserted into the playlist automatically by On Air Suite. Based on the number of requests, a chart of the most requested can be generated and will scroll on the homepage of the site.

Mobile Radio Player

Hushh radio and its social element is available as a mobile app for iPhone and Android. This will allow the listeners to listen to station wherever they like, whenever they like. When a listener hears a song they like being played, they can just open the app and the song and artist will be displayed and they can “like”.

Music genres are Hip Hop, RnB, House, Funky House, Bashment, Reggae, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Jungle and Garage.


HUSHH Sessions

HUSHH Sessions are dedicated 2 hour DJ sessions that are genre specific and programmed around the everyday music playlist. The DJs will be a mix of well-known global DJs and showcasing of up and coming DJs who want to break onto the music scene. At Hushh we believe that the music industry needs more new, young and fresh DJs to cater for the 14 – 35 year demographic.

A function will be added to allow listeners to rate HUSHH sessions and comment throughout the sessions.

Breaking New Music

Hushh radio is dedicated to breaking new music with an emphasis on breaking new UK artists. Instead of continuously rotating already established artists Hushh will be a platform for talented new artists who need an outlet to break into the industry.  Breaking new artists is fundamental to keeping the music scene fresh and exciting. The programme schedule reflects this with dedicated “UK artists” only segments which will go out in prime time slots throughout the day.